Shingo Ohgami, 8th dan JKF Wadokai, passed away

With profound sorrow we learn of the death of an extraordinary man, one of the most prepared, educated and available masters in the world of karate and a true Wadoryu legend: Shingo Ohgami sensei passed away after a long illness he never allowed to tarnish his authentic budoka spirit.

A very attentive, thoughtful and highly erudite teacher (not only of martial arts), he leaves an indelible mark in the European and global Wadoryu. As an author of two fundamental texts about karate, despite his popularity and although being universally recognized as one of the major authorities of traditional martial arts, on every occasion he never failed to amaze people with his humility and the refined, cordial simplicity of his manners.

He leaves an unbridgeable gap. But also a great technical and spiritual heritage, a guide and an example for every budoka. We at WKSI will do our best to honor it. In the meanwhile, our thoughts go to the family and his many students, including our friend and master Roberto Danubio sensei. To all of them, expressing our condolences, we ideally stand by, clinging to each other in an embrace.

Riccardo RitaShingo Ohgami, 8th dan JKF Wadokai, passed away
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