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Francesco Grassi

Karate master, defensive tactical shooting instructor. Born in 1982, I started practicing karate in 1989, obtaining the 1st Dan black belt in 1998. In 2002 I obtained a teaching qualification degree. As a competitive athlete I won the “Toyama World Cup” in 2012 in the Kumite specialty. Currently, I am specialized in police operational techniques and tactics and I teach to Security officers, in tactics and methods of stockpiling and close protection. I am the Founder and National Technical Director of MIDE (Instinctive Method of Essential Defense Method, Recognized by FESIK & DA since 2015). Since 2013 I am the Director of Shooting Teacher ASD Interforze Campania. Since 2019 I ‘m honoured to be the coach of the Italian Karate National Team MSP ITALIA.

I am the coach and Technical Director of ASD Wado Ryu Hon Dojo Academy, member of the WKSI, which has five locations:

  • Casoria
  • Casavatore
  • Arzano
  • Napoli Centro
  • Formia (LT)

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