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    WKSI – Wadokai Karatedo Shin-Gi-Tai Italia

    Japan Karatedo Federation Wado-kai – branch n° 424004

    Wado-ryu Karatedo

    Wado-ryu is a Japanese style that combines the principles of karate and jujutsu. Wado-ryu means Style of the Way of Peace/Harmony.

    JKF Wadokai

    The greatest international organization of Wado-ryu, founded in 1934 by Hironori Otsuka, with over 850,000 members worldwide.

    Wado Friendship Seminar

    International karate seminar for the promotion of the spirit of Wado and traditional martial arts, in Rome from 6 to 8 May 2022

    Abili al Karate

    Abili al Karate is a WKSI permanent project on inclusive karate and sports. So that anyone can truly benefit from karate. Ever.

    Wadokai Workshop

    Monthly workshops for all Wado-ryu lovers on the traditional curriculum of Japan Wado-kai and sports karate kumite.

    WKSI Summer Camp

    A three-day summer camp in Paliano, the first weekend of June, enjoying nature, fun, and Karate Wado-ryu.

    WKSI Association

    Official Italian branch of Japan Wado-Kai acknowledged and authorized by the largest international federation of Wado-ryu.

    Budo Charter

    Through physical and mental training, the practitioner develops character, judgment and a spirit of collaboration.

    International Seminars

    Openmindedness, sharing and exchange of information have always been the basis of every progress. And karate is no exception.

    WKSI in Japan

    Italian wadokas have a direct line with Japan, again. The WKSI is invited every year to the Wado-kai headquarters in Tokyo.

    Swiss Summer Camp

    An intense week of traditional karate in a beautiful falicity on the Swiss mountains, attended by wadokas from all over the world.

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