Japan Karatedo Federation Wado-Kai

The most important international organization of Wado-ryu, founded by Hironori Otsuka in 1934, it counts over 850,000 members all over the world.

Japan Wado-Kai is an internationally recognized organization performing within JKF – Japan Karatedo Federation, the Karate federation of the Japanese Olympic Committee, as well as of WKF – World Karate Federation.

It is composed of 1,350 branches across Japan and of about 250 groups outside Japan, some of which, like WKSI, are officially registered as branches. JKF Wado-Kai currently counts over 850,000 members all over the world. 180,000 are black belts.

Differently to other Wado-ryu organizations that are often private family-managed associations, JKF Wado-Kai is acknowledged and regulated at State and international level to ensure the highest teaching and training standards.

The Technical Committee of JKF Wado-Kai, led by Koichi Shimura Sensei 8th DAN, is in charge of defining the technical frameworks all over the world, establishing the standards, planning seminars in Japan and appraising the technical level achieved by each branch.

I have inaugurated as a president of Wado-kai at the recommendation of persons concerned. I am keenly aware of the responsibility, and also I would like to appreciate your support and encouragement. As same as a man, Wado-kai has the history which has started from a former head quarter dojo at Sanko Kensetsu office. With the great mentor Sensei Hironori Otsuka, Wado-kai has developed among local dojos, university, and high school karate club until today. I would like to express great respect to successive presidents and all of members of Wado-kai. Karate is a sport and also one kind of martial arts that everyone can learn anytime anywhere. It has been spread all over the world nowadays, as Wadokai annual championships at Nippon Budokan became an international event. Let’s go together for our future with the motto “Spread karate for world peace”. Lastly, I would like to send my best wishes for Wado-kai and all of Wado friends.

Motoi Ogura
President of JKF Wado-kai

WKSI – Wadokai Karatedo Shin-Gi-Tai Italia

Japan Karatedo Federation Wado-kai – branch n° 424004

Wado-ryu Karatedo

Wado-ryu is a Japanese style that combines the principles of karate and jujutsu. Wado-ryu means Style of the Way of Peace/Harmony.

JKF Wadokai

The greatest international organization of Wado-ryu, founded in 1934 by Hironori Otsuka, with over 850,000 members worldwide.

JKF Wado-Kai Official Seminar in Rome

Koichi Shimura Sensei and Shinji KohataSensei in Rome for the first seminar officially recognized by JKF Wado-Kai in Italy

Wadokai Workshop

Monthly workshops for all Wado-ryu lovers on the traditional curriculum of Japan Wado-kai and sports karate kumite.

WKSI Summer Camp

A three-day summer camp in Paliano, the first weekend of June, enjoying nature, fun, and Karate Wado-ryu.

WKSI Association

Official Italian branch of Japan Wado-Kai acknowledged and authorized by the largest international federation of Wado-ryu.

Budo Charter

Through physical and mental training, the practitioner develops character, judgment and a spirit of collaboration.

Wado International Seminar

International seminar of traditional wado-ryu karate led by Roberto Danubio, 7th dan JKF Wadokai, held in Rome on November 18 and 19, 2023

International Seminars

Openmindedness, sharing and exchange of information have always been the basis of every progress. And karate is no exception.

WKSI in Japan

Italian wadokas have a direct line with Japan, again. The WKSI is invited every year to the Wado-kai headquarters in Tokyo.

Swiss Summer Camp

An intense week of traditional karate in a beautiful falicity on the Swiss mountains, attended by wadokas from all over the world.

Riccardo RitaJKF Wadokai