Wadokai Masters in Rome 2023 promoted by the ACSI Sports Promotion Body and the JKF Wadokai branch WKSI

The international Wado Ryu Karate seminar «Wadokai Masters in Rome 2023» was held in Rome, in the beautiful headquarters of the ACSI National Technical Sports Center at the Roman Sport City in Pomezia (Rome), promoted by ACSI and WKSI, the Italian branch of Wado-Kai, the largest Wado Ryu organization in the world, and the only one that operates within the JKF − Japan Karatedo Federation and the WKF − World Karate Federation.

On the weekend of 15th and 16th April, Roberto Danubio sensei, 7th dan JKF Wadokai, with the support of Eveline Danubio sensei, 6th dan JKF Wadokai, and Maurizio Paradisi sensei (FIJLKAM national responsible for Wado Ryu), led three sessions of training on the technical curriculum of the Japan Karatedo Federation Wado-Kai.

On the sidelines of the seminar – a full immersion of very tight training – the JKF Wadokai graduation exams were also held, valid for the achievement of the black belt up to 3rd dan. In the examining committee, which by the Wadokai overseas regulation can only be composed of qualified examiners recognized by the Japan Karatedo Federation, there were Roberto Danubio, Eveline Danubio, Maurizio Paradisi, and Giuseppe Carloni. The candidates, thanks to a high-level exam, were all promoted: Amanda Saraceni and Rebecca Mazzetti achieved the 2nd dan JKF Wadokai, while Alessio Valeriani and Guerrero Gabriel Aguilar achieved the 3rd dan JKF Wadokai.

Claudio Culasso sensei (on the left) with Roberto Danubio Sensei (on the right)

The event, which was attended by technical teachers and athletes belonging to the WKSI, was enriched on Saturday by the presence of a very welcome guest: the President of the National Commission of Technical Karate Teachers FIJLKAM, Claudio Culasso. Several times «kumite» national champion between 1974 and 1983 and the first Italian to win a European karate championship in 1975, Culasso is today one of the most active promoters and supporters of the recovery, within the Italian Karate Federation, of the study of traditional karate, enhancing the four main styles recognized by FIJLKAM and WKF.

Master Roberto Danubio finally wanted to thank the participants, emphasizing the remarkable technical progress made in recent years by practitioners adhering to the WKSI.


Riccardo RitaWadokai Masters in Rome 2023 promoted by the ACSI Sports Promotion Body and the JKF Wadokai branch WKSI

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