Swiss Wadokai Summer Camp

Deeply diving into traditional karate, it takes place in a beautiful facility on the Swiss mountains in the second week of July every year. Don’t miss it!

The Summer Camp takes place in Switzerland, in Filzbach, at the marvellous Sportzentrum Kerenzerberg in the second week of July, and is organized and led by Roberto Danubio Sensei, 7th DAN of JKF Wadokai, chair of SWKR – Swiss Wadokai Karatedo Renmei, the Swiss branch of Japan Karatedo federation Wado-kai, and technical adviser of WKSI. This high-profile “full-immersion” seminar starts on Sunday at midday and ends the following Friday afternoon. Two three-hour training sessions a day are envisaged, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

WKSI – Wadokai Karatedo Shin-Gi-Tai Italia

Japan Karatedo Federation Wado-kai – branch n° 424004

Wado-ryu Karatedo

Wado-ryu is a Japanese style that combines the principles of karate and jujutsu. Wado-ryu means Style of the Way of Peace/Harmony.

JKF Wadokai

The greatest international organization of Wado-ryu, founded in 1934 by Hironori Otsuka, with over 850,000 members worldwide.

JKF Wado-Kai Official Seminar in Rome

Koichi Shimura Sensei and Shinji KohataSensei in Rome for the first seminar officially recognized by JKF Wado-Kai in Italy

Wadokai Workshop

Monthly workshops for all Wado-ryu lovers on the traditional curriculum of Japan Wado-kai and sports karate kumite.

WKSI Summer Camp

A three-day summer camp in Paliano, the first weekend of June, enjoying nature, fun, and Karate Wado-ryu.

WKSI Association

Official Italian branch of Japan Wado-Kai acknowledged and authorized by the largest international federation of Wado-ryu.

Budo Charter

Through physical and mental training, the practitioner develops character, judgment and a spirit of collaboration.

Wado International Seminar

International seminar of traditional wado-ryu karate led by Roberto Danubio, 7th dan JKF Wadokai, held in Rome on November 18 and 19, 2023

Riccardo RitaSwiss Summer Camp