Giuseppe Petrella

Giuseppe Petrella

Karate instructor. Born in 1990, I started practicing wado-ryu karate in 2006 at the Valerio Verbano popular gym with my first teacher Carlo Giorgini who immediately managed to instill passion and desire to dedicate himself to this martial art. Subsequently, after the death of the master, I continued my experience with the master Stefano Paniz with whom I also addressed much more philosophical and spiritual aspects of art. Finally, in 2010 I joined the San Lorenzo popular gym with master Maurizio Paradisi with whom I have followed the study and practice of traditional Wado-ryu up to now. Today I am Second Dan at the Italian FIJILKAM federation and I teach boys and girls of all ages at the Valerio Verbano popular gym, the gym where my passion for this martial art began.


  • Palestra Popolare Valerio Verbano, Via delle Isole Curzolane, 131, 00139 Roma RM, Italia

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