Riccardo Rita

Karate instructor, MGA instructor and sports educator. I started practicing karate in 1979 under the guidance of Gianni Mosconi, Ezio Salandri and Yutaka Toyama sensei (scholar of the Wado-ryu founder Hironori Otsuka) from whom I received the black belt in 1984. Afterwards, I continued studying in the Stefano Silvagni‘s and Paolo Gasbarri‘s dojos. In 2015, after meeting Roberto Danubio sensei together with Maurizio Paradisi and Giuseppe Carloni, impressed by the quality of karate they performed, I decided to join the WKSI – Japan Wadokai. Convinced that men and women of budō must also be men and women of thought, my approach aims at encouraging everyone towards awareness and self-understanding of the martial art and its philosophical and practical implications.

I am in charge of coaching in a dojo adhering to WKSI:

  • Wado Waza Karate c/o Life Sport Wellness, Via Rocca di Papa, 24/26, Albano Laziale – Rome – Italy

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Dojo in Albano Laziale

Riccardo RitaRiccardo Rita