Federico Romandini

Federico Romandini

Karate master. Born in 1986, I started practicing sports and full-contact karate in 2003 with Scacchia sensei at the Fit Village Sports Center in Martinsicuro. I then practiced under the guidance of Benedetta Ferreri sensei, who, however, due to a personal problem, had to temporarily interrupt teaching. I therefore approached traditional Wado-Ryu in 2013, thanks to Master Mariano Binni, who trained me as a coach and I am currently the Senpai of his Dojo, where I support him in lessons.

Where I am:

  • A.S.D. Polisportiva Vol.Pa. settore KarateCentro polifunzionale “Beniamino Gigli”, Via Alcide De Gasperi, Pagliare del Tronto (AP)

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Dojo in Pagliare del Tronto (AP)

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