Inclusive coaching for the martial arts. The PRIME project final round

The final event of the EU Project PRIME (Participation, Recreation and Inclusion through Martial Arts Education) was held in Tralee, Ireland, on 3 December 2018. WKSI is a partner of PRIME, ICSSPE the lead partner. The general objective is to develop an ad-hoc coaching framework to encourage the participation of people with disabilities in martial arts in Europe.

The final event was an occasion for the project partners, keynote speakers and guests from the coaching sector to discuss and share opinions and ideas on the state of the art of inclusive coaching for the martial arts in Europe, as well as on the crucial role of such an adapted framework for inclusive coaches and clubs.

The PRIME framework and website will be available in January 2019, in particular the website will be an “incubator in progress” for a wide range of information and resources concerning inclusive martial arts coaching and will stay on-line for the following 5 years.

The coaching framework developed by the PRIME project is bound to be the first in its kind in Europe, and is extremely relevant for coaches and clubs who are inclusive or who want to become inclusive. With a range of information from the basics of coaching, to the policy background on inclusion through sport and gender equality, an outline of the main impairments, to very practical hints on how to train people with disabilities, the paper fits into a scenario where a shared methodology is still lacking. The overall information delivered can be of guidance to coaches who deal with teaching people with different abilities, and we have a duty to disseminate it through our networks as largely as possible.

The framework is available in 4 languages, namely English, German, Italian and French, and this will allow to reach out a broad target audience who could put the content into real practice in varied contexts. WKSI will surely contribute to spreading PRIME material in the hope that more and more coaches and clubs will become engaged in inclusiveness.

Riccardo RitaInclusive coaching for the martial arts. The PRIME project final round

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