Towards the target. The PRIME model to train the martial arts to people with a disability

On 22-23 March 2018, the EU Project PRIME (Participation, Recreation and Inclusion through Martial Arts Education) was WKSI’s guest in Rome, the city chosen to hold the fourth project meeting. WKSI is a partner of PRIME, ICSSPE the lead partner. The general objective is to develop an ad-hoc coaching framework to encourage the participation of people with a disability in martial arts in Europe.

The meeting was a relevant occasion for sharing the state of the art along the process of definition of the adapted coaching framework on martial arts, and for allowing the partners to provide their own contribution and suggestions.

On Day one, ICSSPE gave an overview of what has been elaborated so far, after the analysis of qualitative data and the punctual examination of the methodologies and documents existing on the topic, that is a draft training module which will serve as a guidance paper for martial arts coaches.

On 23 March, WKSI invited the partners to attend a practical demonstration of Wado-ryu Karate-do, the result of a long hard work carried out by four WKSI coaches – Giuseppe Carloni, Marco De Astis, Laura Rosella and Maurizio Paradisi – with three disabled students of a very high level, Federico, Simone and Francesco, who are the living proof of what the martial arts can do for the physical and psychological strength of the persona.

The morning session closed positively. Alessandro Aquino, Swiss Wado-kai coach and head of adapted Karate of the Swiss Karate Federation, took the floor and provided the projects with useful suggestions on training Karate for people with a disability.

To conclude with, the PRIME partners highlighted once again that the material developed must have a clear and accessible language, as well as concise content to ensure its utmost dissemination and use by coaches all over Europe. In addition, the PRIME web site, still under construction, will deliver resources everyone can easily access e.g. videos, photos and easy-to-use content.

In June 2018, the PRIME partners will meet in Edinburgh for the last project meeting.


A video of the workshop held in Rome on 22-23 March 2018

PRIME (Participation, Recreation and Inclusion through Martial Arts Education) is a unique venture that seeks to develop a high-quality coaching framework to support the promotion of healthy martial arts participation among persons with a disability across Europe. This framework would be the first of its kind that is compatible with the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) and co-funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union.

The PRIME (Participation, Recreation and Inclusion through Martial Arts Education) partnership brings together a unique consortium of organisations from different EU Member States. In addition four groups at the forefront of inclusive practices in the martial arts, such as the Ikkaido, Asociation Of Wado Karate Do Kai Shin Gi Tai Italy, International Taekwondo Federation and Hayashi Karatecenter e.V., the partnership includes the International Council for Coaching Excellence, the UNESCO Chair “Transforming the Lives of People with Disabilities, their Families and Communities, Through Physical Education, Sport, Recreation and Fitness” at Tralee Institute of Technology, Ireland, The Association For International Sport for All and, as project manager, the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education.

The Project is supported by the Sports Coaching Science with Disability Sport Team at the University of Worcester, UK.


  • M° Maurizio Paradisi
  • M° Giuseppe Carloni
  • WKSI’s coaches Laura Rosella and Marco De Astis
  • M° Lydia La Riviere Zijdel
  • M° Dirk Dohm
  • M° Ray Sweeney
  • WKSI’s athletes Federico Antonucci, Simone Conte and Francesco De Chiara

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Riccardo RitaTowards the target. The PRIME model to train the martial arts to people with a disability

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